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PRACTIKA P1 the L-shaped classic leg, a combination of modernity and tradition that is suitable for working places in continuous change. Easy and functional solutions for benches. Evergreen design, intelligent and functional, the “L” shaped leg is a classic leg fitted for cable management, an item always new.

PRACTIKA P2 Easy and essential leg, which is particularly impressive in bench configurations. Desk height storage units create an efficient workplace, where workstations are linked one to the other.

Individual or multiple workstations, PRACTIKA +P3 solves every need respecting functionality and aesthetics. By sharing spaces and using combination of colors it’s possible to create comfortable and personalized compositions. The integration of PRACTIKA+P3 with desk height storage units fulfills every need.

Art Direction

Practical, fashionable and classical at the same time, PRACTIKA+P4 plays a leading role helping you to furnish working places with the utmost precision and functionality. A simple system to create and manage every type of workstations. Flexibility in aggregating desktops and storage units in order to satisfy every need.

PRACTIKA P5 leg is essential, almost minimalist with its clean lines. The range is completed by the height adjustable option. Containing the volumes with the most flexibility giving space to functionality and aesthetical sense.

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