Partitii & Pereti DEPOZITARE XW

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  Partitii XW-M1

  design by The Quadrifoglio Group

  Partitii XW-M2

  design by The Quadrifoglio Group

  Partitii XW-M3

  design by The Quadrifoglio Group

  Partitii XW-P1

  design by The Quadrifoglio Group

 Partitii XW-S1

  design by The Quadrifoglio Group

  Depozitare LIBRERIA

   design by Moreno De Giorgio

Home » Produse » Partitioning
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    31040 (TV) - Italy

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    Str. Sergent Tache Gheorghe nr.13, Sector 4


    We consider an office desk as a key furniture element that can improve communication, team interaction and performance among employees. 

    Quadrifoglio provides an essential selection of executive office desks with an extended number of desk furniture for workspaces, operative and co-working areas.

    The office desks based on the sketches of our designers provide definitive attitude to office organization and limitless compositional opportunities for workspaces of any format and size, combining functionality and creativity to provide new elements for effective communication and dialogue that create right atmosphere to reach defined goals for management as well as co-working, operational areas. Wide range of sizes and designs will perfectly suit meeting or reception environments.

    We make the client’s wishes and demands come true into unique workspaces where each line or shape has pragmatic as well as creative value, each solution is thought-out and each element is verified.  Variations of composition, wide range of materials and designs will leave nothing to be desired even for the most demanding clients who are seeking the most sophisticated projects. 

    In our collections the office furniture desks play a central role in the composition of the workspace, focusing on enhancing teamwork and individual comfort for each participant. The office desks for executives stand out for their definitive design calling for a constructive dialogue and effective communication.

    Choose the key element of your office furniture among the desks by Quadrifoglio