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Dividing up space to rationalise it. The classic partition panel with significant profiles and structural elements that convey sturdiness. A range of solutions capable of accommodating any design and styling requirement.

Identifying, distributing, modifying individual or collective spaces, managing light distribution by modulating transparencies and blind parts to customise tasks, encourage communication or privacy and keep the space neat and tidy.

XW-P1 guarantees sophisticated furnishing solutions that are easy to enjoy.

Partition wall Galvanized steel tubular uprights (thickness: 8/10 mm, section: 57 x 30 mm) with triple front rack (pitch 32 mm), horizontal crosspieces and wire system set up. The section has tubular, closed double cell to guarantee higher fire resistance and acoustic insulation.



Art Direction

The seal-insulated glazed surfaces are made of tempered (4 or 5 mm) or laminated (3+3.1 mm) glass for a total thickness of 6.5 mm. The solid surfaces are in melamine chipboard panels (thickness: 18 mm thick) with ABS edging (1.5 mm) and insulated with seals.

These panels come standard with class 2 fire resistance rating. All edging parts are insulated with seals. The leveling feet allows +/- 20 mm adjustment.

Technology and painstaking care for details, for efficient and creative work. Examples that emphasis the modularity and perfect integration between the various elements in the system: solid panel, large glazed wall panel and lastly low sound-absorbing panels with glazed parts for the proper acoustic balance between individual space and collective space.

Home » Products » Partitioning » XW P1