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Styling reveals the functionality of storage. Whether closed or open, the XW-S1 system reveals a genuine multi-functional storage solution, which always matches all the partition wall ranges. It is not merely an accessory, but rather a philosophy for storing in an organised manner, that is easily accessible, with details and accessories that make the wall panel system a genuine office furnishing collection.

Storage wall The full height equipped wall is composed of 25 mm melamine coated panels with dust seals around the edges.


Art Direction

 The back panels are made of melamine chipboard (thickness: 18 mm), fixed to the side with zamak hooks and fit with ABS edging (thickness: 1.5 mm). All panels have class 2 fire resistance rating.

The doors can be solid (melamine coated panels, thickness: 18 mm) or made of tempered glass (4 mm) with tubular extruded aluminium frame. The structure is  levelled by an adjustable screw feet (regulation: +/- 15 mm) and upper screw locking system. Espagnolette locks ensure that the doors close perfectly. 

Metal and melamine shelves, pull-out filing cabinets are the accessories that complete the XW-S1 wall.

Home » Products » Partitioning » XW S1